About Us

Country and Rock finally get their own Headphones!

California Headphone Company is the first premium headphone brand designed for the acoustic taste and rocking style of the two largest music demographics - country and rock.

The California Sound plays in each pair with nod to the adventurous, pioneering spirit that founded the golden state. Itís this deep-rooted spirit that drove the CHC team to develop the first ever headphones to equally suit both genres of music.

We grew up with the music that played in our Trans Am and pickup trucks, and the music you could always find on that jukebox tucked away in the corner of a our local dive bar. A bar that only served Jack and beer.

Memphis fueled vocals, gritty rock riffs you can feel in your bones and clarity of acoustic guitars that shimmer in your ears. The California Sound pays homage to the musical legends of our generation, like Skynard, CCR, Cash and Hendrix, while still welcoming the newest legends like Carrie Underwood, Zak Brown, Jason Aldeen and The Black Keys.

Oh, and about us. We live in the foothills of Mt. Diablo, California. We've been designing high-end audio for years and can't wait to hear what you think.