What people are saying about California Headphones:

GadgeTell - "The Silverado is made with a commitment to deliver a live concert-like experience, by bringing vocals and acoustic instruments to the forefront, all at an affordable price." Read More
IHLet - "These headphones are not just cool accessories but a guaranteed professional audio experience emphasizing rich guitars and punchy sound signature that brings the vocals to the front and they are also build to last." Read More
LA Times - "Part of the motivation behind California Headphone Co. is to move away from the current direction that over-ear headphones are going with plastic and bring back the higher-quality materials used in the 1940s and '50s." Read More
SF Gate - "The boom in the headphone business may have been fueled by a hip-hop beat, but a new player in the market is hoping to make a little noise with country and rock music." Read More
Hype Beast - "California Headphones has created an innovative set of metal and leather headphones acoustically tuned to deliver the best live concert audio experience." Read More
Tech Crunch - "These headphones are more than just looking the part…Califonia Headphones is onto something…I found the audio and build quality to exceed the norm at their respective price points." Read More
Cult Of Mac - "....[the] vocal track was beautifully enhanced, and I could hear each individual string plucked on the guitar. There was no distortion at louder volume, just a very precise and enjoyable sound fidelity....And despite the non-rap product descriptor, the bass is round and full." Read More
LapTop Mag - "…Rock,Country and Alternative have been noticeably absent from the marketplace - until now." Read More
Uncrate.com - "These country- and rock-tuned over ear cans feature die-cast sound chambers and 360-degree articulating hinges, contrast-stitched, padded headbands, leather ear cups, Duo-jack removable cord plugs with a knitted zebra cloth finish on the cables, a collapsible tri-fold design, and, most importantly, 40mm titanium drivers for spectacular sound." Read More